Meeting documents

September 2016

  1. Programme, Financial and Administrative Section

    Matters relating to the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU): Reports of the JIU

    21 September 2016

    This paper summarizes the JIU’s annual report for 2015, its programme of work for 2016 and six reports published in 2014 and 2015 on the following UN system-wide issues: post-Rio +20 environmental governance; evaluation function; use of non-staff personnel and related contractual modalities; contract management and administration; mainstreaming of full and productive employment and decent work; and activities and resources devoted to addressing climate change. The Governing Body is invited to provide guidance on the information contained in this document and on any of the recommendations addressed to the ILO in the six JIU reports, as well as on the status of follow-up to the recommendations presented to the Governing Body in the past three years (see the proposed point for discussion in paragraph 23).

  2. Policy Development Section

    Sectoral meetings held in 2016

    21 September 2016

    In Section I, this paper presents the results of the following meetings held in the first part of 2016: the Tripartite Sectoral Meeting on Occupational Safety and Health and Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry Operating in Polar and Subarctic Climate Zones of the Northern Hemisphere (26–29 January) and the Joint Maritime Commission’s (JMC) Subcommittee on Wages of Seafarers (6–7 April). Section II presents an interim report of the Joint ILO–UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART). The Governing Body is invited to take note of the outcomes of the two meetings and of the CEART’s interim report, and to endorse the proposals made in this respect (see draft decision in paragraph 11).

  3. Meeting document

    Composition of the Governing Body, 2014-2017

    20 September 2016

  4. Meeting document

    Membership of Governing Body CFA and of other Bodies, 2014-2017

    20 September 2016

    Membership of Governing Body CFA and of other Bodies, 2014-2017

  5. Meeting document

    Report on Violence against Women and Men in the World of Work

    14 September 2016

    Background paper for discussion at the Meeting of Experts on Violence against Women and Men in the World of Work (3-6 October 2016).

  6. Institutional Section

    Approval of the minutes of the 327th Session of the Governing Body

    06 September 2016

August 2016

  1. Meeting document

    ILO Programme of meetings 2016-17

    22 August 2016

  2. Report V (1)

    Employment and decent work for peace and resilience: Revision of the Employment (Transition from War to Peace) Recommendation, 1944 (No. 71)

    18 August 2016

    In accordance with Article 39 of the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference, governments are invited to make comments on the present report, after consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers. The comments must reach the Office no later than 19 November 2016. They will form the basis of the background report for the 2017 ILC discussion.

July 2016

  1. 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting Bali, Indonesia, 6 - 9 December 2016

    Form for credentials of delegations

    26 July 2016

  2. Provisional Record No.20

    Fourteenth sitting - Friday, 10 June 2016, 2.45 p.m.

    22 July 2016