Meeting documents

March 2017

  1. Meeting document

    Approved symposia, seminars, workshops and similar meetings

    17 March 2017

  2. Meeting document

    Composition and agenda of standing bodies and meetings

    17 March 2017

  3. Meeting document

    Minutes of the 328th Session of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office

    16 March 2017

  4. Programme, Financial and Administrative Section

    Report of the Chief Internal Auditor for the year ended 31 December 2016

    14 March 2017

    This paper contains the report of the Chief Internal Auditor on the Office of Internal Audit and Oversight’s (IAO) activities, including significant findings resulting from internal audit and investigation assignments conducted during 2016, for consideration by the Governing Body. In the revised version (GB.329/PFA/7(Rev.)), the beginning of paragraph 9 has been corrected to read "Ten investigations".

  5. Report V (2A)

    Employment and decent work for peace and resilience: Revision of the Employment (Transition from War to Peace) Recommendation, 1944 (No. 71)

    14 March 2017

  6. 329th Session of the Governing Body (9–24 March 2017)

    Presentation by the Director-General of the Programme and Budget proposals for 2018–19

    14 March 2017

  7. 329th Session of the ILO Governing Body (9–24 March 2017)

    Chairing and Speaking responsibilities

    14 March 2017

  8. Meeting document

    Report of the Director-General

    14 March 2017

    This document contains information that the Director-General wishes to bring to the attention of the Governing Body regarding membership of the Organization, progress in international labour legislation, internal administration, and publications and documents, as set out in the table of contents.

  9. 329th Session of the ILO's Governing Body

    Meetings for the remainder of 2017 and advance information for 2018 and 2019

    13 March 2017

  10. Meeting document

    Reports of the Officers of theGoverning BodyFirst report: Action to be taken regarding the establishment of the High-level Global Commission on the Future of Work

    13 March 2017