Meeting documents

October 2014

  1. Meeting document

    List of Registered Persons

    16 October 2014

  2. Meeting document

    Appointments of the Regional Meeting

    16 October 2014

  3. Meeting document

    Final List of Delegations

    16 October 2014

  4. Meeting document

    Daily Bulletin 15/10/2014

    15 October 2014

  5. Meeting document

    Reform plan of action in the area of human resources management: Update

    14 October 2014

    To report on progress made in implementing the Director-General’s human resources reform. The Governing Body is invited to approve the amendments to the Staff Regulations in the appendix (see the draft decision in paragraph 22).

  6. Meeting document

    Draft transitional strategic plan for 2016–17 and preview of the Programme and Budget proposals for 2016–17

    13 October 2014

    In March 2014, the Governing Body requested the Director-General to: (a) present a draft transitional strategic plan for the period 2016–17 to the 322nd Session (November 2014) of the Governing Body for its consideration; and (b) to include the transitional strategic plan for 2016–17 in the Director-General’s Programme and Budget proposals for 2016–17. The Governing Body is invited to comment on the proposed draft transitional strategic plan and the preliminary information concerning the Programme and Budget proposals for 2016–17 and to provide guidance to the Office for the submission of proposals to its 323rd Session (March 2015).

  7. Meeting document

    Monitoring and assessment of the progress towards decent work at the national level

    13 October 2014

    The Office has acquired valuable experience in developing decent work indicators and working with constituents on decent work country profiles as a result of its efforts on monitoring and assessing progress towards decent work at the national level. Recent evaluations confirmed the overall usefulness of the development of indicators and analyses for participating member States. The support provided to raise national statistical capacities resulted in more and higher quality statistics for monitoring decent work, and the profiles aided a number of countries in their policy-making and development planning as well as being useful for the development of Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs). The tripartite consensus approach to developing and validating the indicators and profiles, in collaboration with ministries of labour and employment and national statistical offices, was cited in both evaluations as highly beneficial and a key good practice. Depending on how the post-2015 framework for sustainable development evolves, this experience is likely to assist constituents and the ILO in fulfilling their role of ensuring that decent work is positioned at the heart of national and UN system strategies.

  8. Meeting document

    Provisional programme of the 18th American Regional Meeting

    12 October 2014

  9. Meeting document

    Improving the functioning of the International Labour Conference

    10 October 2014

  10. Meeting document

    Area of critical importance: Promoting more and better jobs for inclusive growth

    09 October 2014

    This document presents the main elements of the strategy for the area of critical importance (ACI) on “Promoting more and better jobs for inclusive growth” and reports on progress made on its implementation. The goal of this ACI is to support ILO constituents in their efforts to design and implement policies that help create more and better jobs and tackle inequalities. To achieve this, an integrated strategy that includes research on “what works” and the development of policy tools, policy advice and capacity building is put forward. The Governing Body is invited to provide guidance on the strategy and its implementation (see draft decision point in paragraph 31).