Meeting documents

October 2017

  1. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Agenda of the International Labour Conference - Addendum - Proposal for the withdrawal of the Prevention of Industrial Accidents Recommendation, 1929 (No. 31)

    24 October 2017

  2. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Review and possible revision of formats and standing orders for meetings

    23 October 2017

    This document, which is submitted at the request of the Governing Body, contains draft standing orders for tripartite meetings convened by the Governing Body preceded by an Introductory Note. The Governing Body is invited to adopt the Standing Orders and the Introductory Note (see draft decision in paragraph 8).

  3. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Proposal for an integrated policy outcome reporting within the framework of the four strategic objectives

    23 October 2017

  4. Meeting document

    Draft report

    20 October 2017

    Participants may submit corrections to their own statements appearing in this report to by 20 November 2017, 18.00 hrs.

  5. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Working Paper concerning article 19, paragraphs 5(e) and 6(d), of the Constitution (action 4.3)

    20 October 2017

  6. Meeting document

    Historical List of Officers of the ILO Governing Body - Composition historique du bureau du Conseil d’Administration du BIT - Composición Histórica de la Mesa del Consejo de Administración de la OIT

    20 October 2017

  7. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Partnership and Policy Coherence Strategy

    19 October 2017

    In follow-up to the programme of work adopted by the Governing Body at its 329th Session (March 2017) to give effect to the resolution on advancing social justice through decent work, this paper proposes a possible strategy for promoting decent work through partnerships and policy coherence, with a special focus on promoting inclusive growth and decent work at the country level with international and regional economic financial institutions. If endorsed by the Governing Body, these proposals will be implemented as part of the ILO’s Strategic Plan for 2018–21, which highlights that partnerships and policy coherence are critical to the realization of the strategic vision for the ILO by 2021. They will also be implemented in conjunction with the Programme and Budget for 2018–19 and the Programme and Budget for 2020–21, and alongside the ILO’s Development Cooperation Strategy

  8. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Information Technology Strategy 2018–21

    19 October 2017

    This document establishes the ILO’s proposed Information Technology (IT) Strategy 2018–21 and provides a final report of progress on the implementation of the transitional IT Strategy for 2016–17. Paragraph 76 contains the points for decision.

  9. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Knowledge Strategy 2018–21

    18 October 2017

    This paper presents the Knowledge Strategy 2018–21 and the Governing Body is invited to endorse it and provide guidance on its implementation (see the draft decision in paragraph 45).

  10. 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

    Improving the functioning of the International Labour Conference: Comprehensive review of the Standing Orders of the Conference

    18 October 2017