Meeting documents

October 2010

  1. Meeting document

    Third progress report on theIntegrated Resource Information System (IRIS) in the regions

    11 October 2010

  2. Meeting document

    Overview of ILO accommodation

    11 October 2010

  3. Meeting document

    Status report on ongoing renovation activities

    11 October 2010

  4. Meeting document

    Amendments to the Staff Regulations

    11 October 2010

    The Governing Body is called upon to consider a request for harmonization made by the United Nations General Assembly to the organizations applying the common system in respect of some features of two entitlements: the conditions of eligibility of the repatriation grant and the beneficiaries of the grant on death.

  5. Meeting document

    Report of the International Civil Service Commission

    11 October 2010

    Early consideration of recommendations of the ICSC with financial implications as from 1 January 2011 if approved by the UNGA in 2010, concerning increases in the base salary scale and children’s and secondary dependants’ allowances.

  6. Meeting document

    Matters relating to the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU): Reports of the JIU

    11 October 2010

    This paper summarizes the JIU’s annual report for 2009, its programme of work for 2010 and its reports on the following UN system-wide issues: (1) national execution of technical cooperation projects; (2) information and communication technology hosting services; and (3) management of Internet websites.

  7. Meeting document

    Independent evaluation of the ILO’s strategy to extend the coverage of social security

    11 October 2010

  8. Meeting document

    Evaluations: Independent evaluation of the ILO’sDecent Work Country Programme for Kyrgyzstan: 2006–09

    11 October 2010

  9. Meeting document

    Independent evaluation of the ILO Country Programme for the United Republic of Tanzania: 2004–10

    11 October 2010

  10. Meeting document

    Evaluations - Annual evaluation report 2009–10

    11 October 2010

    This report summarizes ILO evaluation performance and activities with special focus on progress made in 2010 as measured against the 2005 evaluation policy and strategy.