Meeting documents

October 2009

  1. Meeting document

    Standing Orders of the Conference: Further proposals regarding representation of Employers' and Workers' delegates at the International Labour Conference

    22 October 2009

  2. Meeting document

    Report of the Director-General - Fourth Supplementary Report: Progress report on ILO influenza action

    22 October 2009

  3. Meeting document

    Agenda of the International Labour Conference. Proposals for the agenda of the 101st Session (2012) of the Conference

    22 October 2009

  4. Meeting document

    Report of the discussion - Workshop to Promote Ratification of the Private Employment Agencies Convention, 1997 (No. 181)

    21 October 2009

  5. Meeting document

    "Private employment agencies, temporary agency workers and their contribution to the labour market", Issues paper, Sectoral Activities Programme

    19 October 2009

  6. Meeting document

    The ILO's Technical Cooperation Strategy and tripartism in the context of the United Nations reform process

    15 October 2009

  7. Meeting document

    Effect to be given to the recommendations of sectoral and technical meetings. Global Dialogue Forum on the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Financial Sector Workers

    15 October 2009

  8. Meeting document

    Status report on ongoing renovation activities

    15 October 2009

  9. Meeting document

    Key events to promote the MNE Declaration and update on relevant CSR-related activities within the Office and in other international organizations and initiatives

    15 October 2009

  10. Meeting document

    ILO support for the role of public employment services in the labour market

    15 October 2009