Safety in the supply chain in relation to packing of containers

This report suggests that consideration should be given to rewriting the CTU packing guidelines and producing good practice guidelines for the container supply chain that would be common to all modes of transport.

Conference paper | 09 February 2011
To ensure that a greater proportion of containers reach their destination without an incident being caused or damage inflicted by the cargo, it is essential that the container packing community should be educated about the means available and the ways to use them. All those involved in the process must be kept up to date, which requires identifying a better way of disseminating the necessary information. This report briefly explores training concepts and means to direct packers to suitable sources of information.
Finally, the research project sets out to recommend the way in which the current guidelines and practices may be integrated to form “best practices”, and how these should be adopted by international organizations such as the ILO and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).