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  2. International Journal of Labour Research

    Recent research on labour and social policies from trade union researchers and academics around the world

  3. International Social Security Review

    International journal on social security/social protection issues

Magazines and newsletters

August 2009

  1. Issues: August 2009

    01 August 2009

    This edition features the Global Jobs Pact, tackling the economic crisis in Cambodia and Indonesia, combating child labour in Cambodia and highlights of ILO 90 activities in Asia and the Pacific

May 2009

  1. Global Social Policy Digest 3 (May to August 2009)

    01 May 2009

  2. Global Social Policy Digest 2 (January to April 2009)

    01 May 2009

April 2009

  1. Pacific News, April 2009

    30 April 2009

    This edition features the ILO's 90th Anniversary, World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Decent Work for All in the Pacific, child labour and promoting employment for youth.

  2. Issues: April 2009

    08 April 2009

    This edition features the ILO's 90th Anniversary, the effect of the economic crisis on Asia's workers, Sri Lanka's fish breeders and education in Papua.

  3. Magazine World of Work 65, April 2009: ILO Gender Equality Campaign 2008–09; Maternity protection; Education; Social dialogue; Work/family balance...

    01 April 2009

January 2009

  1. Global Social Policy Digest 1 (September to December 2008)

    01 January 2009

    Global Social Policy Digest is compiled once a quarter by a team at Sheffield University in the UK and provides an overview of the contributions of a range of national and international actors, both governmental and nongovernmental, to global social policy. The Digest summarizes recent developments and provides links to statements and reports on specific themes under the banner of social policy.

December 2008

  1. Issues: December 2008

    09 December 2008

    Among the topics covered in this edition are the findings of a new report on Labour and Social Trends in ASEAN, the ILO's global gender campaign, women's pay in Bangladesh, workplace practices to combat avian and pandemic human influenza, strategies for extending social security coverage, human trafficking for labour exploitation, and migration policies.

  2. Magazine World of Work 64, December 2008: The ILO at 90, Working for social justice; The Decent Work Agenda; Income inequalities...

    01 December 2008

October 2008

  1. "Focus on forced labour - Union action to protect the world’s most marginalised workers" International union rights

    05 October 2008

    Special edition on forced labour of the Journal "International union rights", Volume 14 Issue 4 2008