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  2. International Journal of Labour Research

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  3. International Social Security Review

    International journal on social security/social protection issues

Magazines and newsletters

November 2009

  1. News@ILO, November 2009

    01 November 2009

    The November edition of the ILO's Asia Pacific e-newsletter contains the latest news from the regional office, a feature on migration policy in Thailand, a selection of the latest publications, and details of forthcoming events and meetings.

October 2009

  1. News@ILO, October 2009

    01 October 2009

    The first edition of the e-newsletter from the ILO Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific contains five sections. News Round-up covers the latest developments and activities; the Feature section looks at climate change in Jabongo, Philippines; Look Ahead highlights some forthcoming events; Calendar offers a fuller list of meetings and events in October and November; Book Shelf gives details of some recent publications.

September 2009

  1. News@ILO, September 2009

    01 September 2009

    New enews featuring the plight of migrant workers with HIV/AIDS, recent discussion on employment challenges for rural youth, upcoming National Tripartite Consultations on Decent Work for Domestic Workers and Strategic Collective Bargaining for Employers Road Show, Calendar and Bookshelf.

August 2009

  1. Magazine World of Work 66, August 2009: Global Jobs Pact; The many facets of the crisis; ILC, 2009: ILO Jobs Summit

    01 August 2009

  2. Issues: August 2009

    01 August 2009

    This edition features the Global Jobs Pact, tackling the economic crisis in Cambodia and Indonesia, combating child labour in Cambodia and highlights of ILO 90 activities in Asia and the Pacific

May 2009

  1. Global Social Policy Digest 3 (May to August 2009)

    01 May 2009

  2. Global Social Policy Digest 2 (January to April 2009)

    01 May 2009

April 2009

  1. Pacific News, April 2009

    30 April 2009

    This edition features the ILO's 90th Anniversary, World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Decent Work for All in the Pacific, child labour and promoting employment for youth.

  2. Issues: April 2009

    08 April 2009

    This edition features the ILO's 90th Anniversary, the effect of the economic crisis on Asia's workers, Sri Lanka's fish breeders and education in Papua.

  3. Magazine World of Work 65, April 2009: ILO Gender Equality Campaign 2008–09; Maternity protection; Education; Social dialogue; Work/family balance...

    01 April 2009