International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

Centenary Issue No. 7: Poverty and inequality

Guest Editor: Gerry RODGERS

Introduction: Changing perspectives on poverty and inequality – The contributions of the International Labour Review, by Gerry RODGERS

Some effects of financial policy on the distribution of income in Great Britain since the war, by Ursula K. HICKS (1936)

Building social security, by Oswald STEIN (1941)

Income distribution at different levels of development: A survey of evidence, by Felix PAUKERT (1973)

Income differentials and the dynamics of development, by Jacques LECAILLON and Dimitrios GERMIDIS (1976)

Meeting basic needs: An examination of the world situation in 1970, by Glen SHEEHAN and Mike HOPKINS (1978)

Poverty and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa, by Assefa BEQUELE and Rolf VAN DER HOEVEN (1980)

Population growth, inequality and poverty, by Gerry RODGERS (1983)

Rural poverty, growth and macroeconomic policies: The Asian experience, by Rizwanul ISLAM (1990)

Unemployment and the emergence of poverty during economic reform in Russia, by Natalia V. TCHERNINA (1994)

Social exclusion and social solidarity: Three paradigms, by Hilary SILVER (1994)

A study of inequality, low incomes and unemployment in London, 1985–92, by Peter LEE and Peter TOWNSEND (1994)

Inequality, unemployment and contemporary Europe, by Amartya SEN (1997)

The distribution of earnings in OECD countries, by Anthony B. ATKINSON (2007)

Labour market transition, income inequality and economic growth in China, by Ming LU and Hong GAO (2011)

Factor income distribution and growth regimes in Latin America, 1950–2012, by Germán ALARCO (2016)

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