International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

Centenary Issue No. 5: Labour Law

Guest Editors: Ruth DUKES, Judy FUDGE and Guy MUNDLAK

Introduction: Labour law in the 100 years of the International Labour Review, by Ruth DUKES, Judy FUDGE and Guy MUNDLAK

International labour law, by Ernest MAHAIM (1921)

Labour legislation and economic possibilities, by I.P. DE VOOYS (1923)

The contract of employment: I, by E. HERZ (1935)

The contract of employment: II, by E. HERZ (1935)

The contract of employment: III, by E. HERZ (1935)

Labour law and development in South-East Asia, by Johannes SCHREGLE (1976)

The future prospects for international labour standards, by Nicolas VALTICOS (1979)

The influence of international labour standards on the world trading regime: A historical overview, by Steve CHARNOVITZ (1987)

The ILO Declaration of 1998 on fundamental principles and rights: A challenge for the future, by Hilary KELLERSON (1998)

Work and rights, by Amartya SEN (2000)

Beyond corporate codes of conduct: Work organization and labour standards at Nike’s suppliers, by Richard LOCKE, Thomas KOCHAN, Monica ROMIS and Fei QIN (2007)

The evolution of labour law: Calibrating and comparing regulatory regimes, by Simon DEAKIN, Priya LELE and Mathias SIEMS (2007)

A legal perspective on the economic crisis of 2008, by Alain SUPIOT (2010)

Mapping anti‐discrimination law onto inequality at work: Expanding the meaning of equality in international labour law, by Colleen SHEPPARD (2012)

The ILO and the right to strike, by Janice R. BELLACE (2014)

Introduction: Transnational futures of international labour law, by Adelle BLACKETT (2020)

The Rana Plaza disaster seven years on: Transnational experiments and perhaps a new treaty?, by Anne TREBILCOCK (2020)

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