International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

Centenary Issue No. 2: Technology and employment

Guest Editors: Debra HOWCROFT and Jill RUBERY

Introduction: Labour and technology – Reflecting on a century of debate in the International Labour Review, by Debra HOWCROFT and Jill RUBERY

The results of the adoption of the eight-hour day: The eight-hour day and technical progress, by Edgard MILHAUD (1925)

Automation – Some social aspects, by H. DE BIVORT (1955)

Automation, the guaranteed wage and hours of work, by James BURTLE (1957) 

The impact of office automation on workers, by Ida Russakoff HOOS (1960) 

Macro-policies for appropriate technology: An introductory classification, by Frances STEWART (1983) 

Technology and rural women in the Third World, by Iftikhar AHMED (1983)

The notion of technological unemployment, by Guy STANDING (1984)

Manning the unmanned factory, by Karl-H. EBEL (1989) 

Telework: A new way of working and living, by Vittorio DI MARTINO and Linda WIRTH (1990)

Paths towards the informational society: Employment structure in G-7 countries, 1920–90, by Manuel CASTELLS and Yuko AOYAMA (1994)

ICTs and employment: The problem of job quality, by Jill RUBERY and Damian GRIMSHAW (2001)

ICTs and the possibilities for leapfrogging by developing countries, by W. Edward STEINMUELLER (2001)

Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies and old socio-economic trends, by Giovanni DOSI and Maria Enrica VIRGILLITO (2019)

Back to the future: A continuity of dialogue on work and technology at the ILO, by Miriam CHERRY (2020)

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