Editorial Board

Acting Managing Editor

Uma Rani, Research Department, ILO, Geneva

Editorial Board

Richard Samans, Chair, Director of the ILO Research Department, Geneva

Peter Doeringer, Professor of Economics emeritus, Department of Economics, Boston University

Werner Eichhorst, Team Leader and Coordinator of Labor Market and Social Policy in Europe, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), Bonn, and Honorary Professor, University of Bremen

Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Adriana Marshall, Senior Researcher, Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CONICET/IDES), Buenos Aires

Dominique Méda, Professor of Sociology and Director of IRISSO, University of Paris Dauphine–PSL Research University; and titular of the Chair in Eco-conversion, work, employment and social policy, Collège d’études mondiales, Paris

Guy Mundlak, Professor, Faculty of Law and Chair, Department of Labour Studies, Tel Aviv University

Uma Rani, Senior Economist, ILO, Geneva


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