Healthy beginnings: Guidance on safe maternity at work

Based on the ILO Maternity Protection Convention (2000, No. 183) and the Maternity Protection Recommendation (No. 191) that supports it. Sets out the practical steps involved in protecting the woman worker and her child where the worker is: (a) working during pregnancy; (b) has recently given birth; (c) returning to work after pregnancy; or (d) breastfeeding, or seeking to breastfeed when she returns to work.

A practical and invaluable reference tool, this guide examines maternity protection in the workplace and focuses on measures that can be taken to ensure a healthy beginning for both the mother and her child. This guide uses, As its starting point, this guide uses the Maternity Protection Convention (No. 183) which was adopted by the International Labour Conference in 2000, and in particular, the health protection measures that are foreseen in this Convention and its accompanying Recommendation (No. 191). It sets out the basic principles and, in an effort to be relevant to a maximum number of workplace settings, provides a wide range of information on reproductive hazards and how to prevent them. The guide considers the various occupational risks in many difference sectors such as the agriculture, textile and health care industries and offers numerous checklists and sample forms to help identify and assess risks. A useful list of resources and websites is also included.