Zambian women entrepreneurs: Going for growth

Presents the results of a questionnaire survey carried out among some 120 business women in the cities of Lusaka and Kitwe. Gives the profile of the owners and their enterprise, how it was started, how it is managed, the forms of support services received, etc.

This report on "Zambian Women Entrepreneurs: Going for Growth" presents the conclusions and final set of recommendations based on the outcomes from field research and a national conference, organized by the ILO in Zambia. The field research included 118 women entrepreneurs from Lusaka (the capital) and Kitwe (a major city on the Copperbelt), and five in-depth case studies of women entrepreneurs. The report's recommendations emanated from a national consultative process carried out at the ILO's National Conference on Women's Entrepreneurship in Zambia, held in Lusaka in December 2002. The report is the culmination of the research and consultations that took place throughout 2002 and it summarizes the key issues from the secondary research, describes and analyses the survey findings, and presents recommendations from the national consultative process.