Towards a fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy. Report 92 VI

International Labour Conference, 92nd Session 2004, Report VI, this report explores patterns of migration in the context of a globalizing world and examines the impact of migration on countries of origin and destination countries. Investigates the conditions of work and treatment of migrant workers and assesses international regulations and ILO activities. Discusses the available opportunities for improving the management of migration. Includes a summary of replies to the ILO International Labour Migration Survey 2003. This title is available in electronic format only. Please click on the link below for the full text version.

In practically every region the rising mobility of people in their search for decent work and human security has been commanding the attention of policy-makers and prompting dialogues for multilateral cooperation on how to better manage the flows in the interest of protecting human rights, maximizing migration’s contribution to growth and development, and preventing clandestine flows and trafficking. This report has been prepared with these in mind. It links the ILO’s concerns with those of other recent initiatives in the field, incorporates new research and data, and synthesizes the lessons that can be drawn from the experience of both origin and host countries in seeking to manage migration to improve the treatment and conditions of migrant workers and members of their families. The analysis offered by the report can hopefully provide a basis for formulating sound recommendations for future action and for the active engagement and participation of the ILO’s constituents in their realization.