Corporate success through people. Making International Labour Standards work for you

Discusses the interrelationship between best management practices and international labour standards by presenting numerous case studies from both large and small companies from different regions and industries.

In today's global economy, corporate managers are in the front line when it comes to transforming management principles from an abstract vision into reality. International Labour Standards (ILS) can be effective and powerful tools around which managers can build their corporate policies and practices. ILS embody the principle that workers are an asset in which to invest, rather than a cost to be borne, and this book presents convincing evidence that the practical implementation of these standards can help a company develop its competitive edge by putting people first.

The book presents numerous case studies from both large and small companies all over the world, where the adoption of ILS has transformed working practices. It provides concrete examples of how implementing ILS on issues such as recruiting and hiring, employee involvement and labour relations, and health and safety, has helped organizations to create a healthy and positive working environment while at the same time reducing labour costs and increasing productivity.

Dealing with such contemporary contexts as the global economy, online recruiting, an ageing workforce, and HIV/AIDS in the workplace, this is a timely and important resource for managers who want to know how to treat their employees with dignity without comprising the bottom line. It shows how implementing ILS in any company is not only a wise code of conduct, but makes sound business sense as well.