The Kasambahay. Child domestic work in the Philippines: A living experience

Examines the nature of child domestic work carried out mainly by young girls in the Philippines and describes the strategies and experiences of the Visayan Forum in tackling the problem. Focuses on the ILO-IPEC funded Kasambahay (household partner) Programme and the drafting of the Batas Kasambahay (Domestic Workers' Bill).

Prepared by the Visayan Forum Foundation, Manila, this book documents (attempts to write down) the experiences of this NGO from an implementer’s point of view.

This work is not only about the issue of child domestic work in the Philippines; it offers more than just a systematic analysis of the phenomenon.

As an NGO that dared to help make a difference in the much-neglected and invisible plight of young domestic workers in the Philippines, this publication provides a model that offers many lessons as well as inspiration for the development of efforts addressing child domestic work in other countries.