Social security. A new consensus

Comprises a background report on the issues, challenges and prospects for social security and the report and conclusions of the ILO Committee on Social Security. Focuses on six key issues: the interconnections between social security, employment and development; extension of the personal coverage of social security; gender equality; the financing of social security; expanding social dialogue; and the implications for future ILO work.

This report offers an in-depth overview of the important, and sometimes controversial, issues surrounding social security in a global context: its relationship to employment and development, its extension in terms of personal coverage, and its contribution to gender equality, as well as its financing. Consisting of resolutions and conclusions drawn from the International Labour Conference, 89th Session, 2001, this book contains the report to the conference – prepared for the general discussion on social security and sets out the key topics and priorities for providing and managing social security systems.

Global trends in social security expenditure are covered, as the report addresses such pivotal questions as: Is social security facing an ageing crisis? Is it facing a globalization crisis? Has it reached its limits in terms of affordability? The concept of social dialogue, and its part in strengthening and expanding social security, is also discussed and the report considers how family and local solidarity networks, institutions, enterprises, governments and the international community can help enhance the effectiveness of social security.