Maternity and work (Conditions of work digest, vol.13/1994)

Presents the main features of statutory maternity protection schemes. Assesses the role of the collective bargaining process. Includes fact sheets listing legislative measures adopted in 145 countries. Contains a review of standards and regulations issued by the ILO and other international organizations.

"A valuable reference for anyone interested in workplace maternity policies across the world."
Industrial Relations News, Dublin, Ireland

The usefulness of special protective measures for women has been much debated, but maternity protection has never been questioned. It is now seen as an integral part of the promotion of equal opportunities and treatment between men and women in employment.

  • Part I provides an overview of maternity protection and analyses legislative trends.
  • Part II analyses the maternity protection provisions contained in national legislation.
  • Part III describes how collective bargaining has been used to improve maternity protection.
  • Part IV contains information on international action to promote maternity protection.