Table of Contents - Work Sharing

Work sharing: New developments during the Great Recession and beyond

1. An introduction to work sharing: A strategy for preserving jobs, creating new employment, and improving individual well-being

Jon Messenger and Naj Ghosheh

2. Work sharing as an alternative to layoffs: Lessons from the German experience during the Crisis

Lutz Bellmann, Andreas Crimmann, Hans-Dieter Gerner and Frank Wiessner

3. European diversity of work sharing as a crisis measure −The experiences of Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands

Jörg Flecker and Annika Schönauer

4. Work sharing in Japan

Kazuya Ogura

5. The Turkish experience with work sharing policy during the Global Economic Crisis from 2008−2010

Erinç Yeldan

6. Results of the implementation of the suspension and partial unemployment insurance programmes in Uruguay (2009−2010)

María José González

7. Work sharing as a potential policy tool for creating more and better employment: A review of the evidence

Lonnie Golden and Stuart Glosser

8. Conclusion: Lessons learned from the Great Recession and implications for policy

Jon Messenger and Naj Ghosheh