Ergonomic checkpoints: Practical and easy-to-implement solutions for improving safety, health and working conditions. Second edition

Fully revised and expanded, this new edition of the highly successful Ergonomic checkpoints is aimed at reducing work-related accidents and diseases and improving safety, health and working conditions. Building on the wealth of experience of practitioners in applying these checkpoints, the second edition features revised text, additional checkpoints and new, full-colour illustrations.

The manual presents 132 realistic and flexible solutions to ergonomic problems applicable across a whole range of workplace situations, including: materials storage and handling; hand tools; machine safety; workstation design; lighting premises; control of hazardous substances and agents; welfare facilities; work organization.

Each of the illustrated checkpoints indicates an action, why it is necessary and how to carry it out, and provides further hints and points to remember. A template checklist is also included, which can be adapted to individual workplaces.

The manual is designed for use by all who are concerned with creating a better workplace: employers, supervisors, workers, inspectors, safety and health personnel, trainers and educators, extension workers, engineers, ergonomists and designers.