World of work report 2009. The global jobs crisis

This World of Work Report from the International Institute for Labour Studies presents a highly relevant discussion of the jobs crisis resulting from the financial and economic crisis, in a non-technical manner, based on the latest data and economic analysis, with full technical annexes. The authors assess the crisis and provide a broad overview of its social effects, with particular emphasis on the structural imbalances in the globalization process that paved the way for the crisis. In addition, the report analyses conditions for a new growth and globalization model - one that would be more socially and environmentally sustainable. This timely report is an important addition to the discussions of socially sustainable growth, establishing the World of Work Report as a new authoritative source on labour issues.

The 2009 edition of the World of Work Report examines strategies to overcome the immediate challenges of the current economic and jobs crisis, while also laying the foundation for more sustainable growth.
This includes an examination of the medium-term outlook for the labour market and an assessment of what can be learned from country responses to date. With a view to addressing these medium-term challenges, the report:
· considers how firms' financing mechanisms could be made more sustainable
· examines the linkages between policies oriented to greening the economy and job creation
· discusses new possibilities for thinking about development, in particular the issue of social protection in developing countries, and
· explores the issue of globalization and the role of international labour standards in the post-crisis era.