Shipbreaking. What can be done?/ Démolition de navires. Comment gérer le problème? - DVD (Bilingual: English, French)

This DVD contains the documentary "The Shipbreakers" in English and French as well as the text of the ILO's "Safety and health in shipbreaking: Guidelines for Asian countries and Turkey", in English, French, Spanish, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi and Turkish.

Why is shipbreaking a problem?

Shipbreaking is the process of dismantling a vessel's structure for scrapping or disposal whether conducted at a beach, pier, dry dock or dismantling slip.

In this unique DVD the ILO takes a candid and frank look at the daily lives of those who toil in this dangerous industry. The award-winning video The Shipbreakers vividly illustrates the occupational hazards and exposes the often atrocious working conditions of those who dismantle ships. ILO cameras were granted special access to the shipbreaking yards of India and Bangladesh.

Here, ships are turned into scrap in conditions that can turn workers into unwitting victims of gas explosions or tons of falling steel. Interviews with shipowners, government and industry experts as well as the workers themselves reveal the complex and often misunderstood issues that surround this industry.