Don't waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic model

This collection of short articles examines the causes and consequences of the global financial crisis, with a focus on labour. The articles suggest ways to strengthen labour’s capacity to influence policy debate, offering inspiration to those who feel that national and international policies must change and who are convinced that the labour movement has much to contribute after years of declining influence.

The crisis has many possible outcomes. The Global Labour Column (where these articles first appeared) has endeavoured to explore all the possibilities, even if this means reopening difficult debates. The various alternatives are discussed with passion and expertise. The authors – prominent academics and trade union leaders from both North and South – differ in their views, but concur that it is time to adopt policies which protect workers and that social justice must be the objective. Providing a rich source of ideas, the authors’ analyses do not shy away from pointing out the failures of unions, as they share the belief that a stronger and more inclusive union movement is essential to avoid wasting the crisis. This stimulating collection is accessible and essential reading for those who feel that returning to “business as usual” is simply not an option.