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Apprenticeship programme in Uganda helps youth find decent work

An ILO Prospect apprenticeship programme trains youth in rural environment enabling them earn a living with decent work. Watch the story of Alma Gladys, a young mother who became carpenter in Uganda.

Date issued: 03 May 2023 |

Alma Gladys, a Ugandan national based in Omugo Zone, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, Northern Uganda, is a beneficiary of the Rural Employment Services Model under the ILO PROSPECTS project which is implemented in partnership with AVSI Foundation.

Gladys received free apprenticeship training in carpentry and due to her good performance, she was retained by the artisan who trained her, Asomi Federick. Gladys who is a single mother, chose to study carpentry because it was a way to inspire other fellow women to take on work regardless of the gender labels imposed by society