15th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting – Special Session on "Partnerships for decent work"

This panel focuses on ways to support the building of new, stronger partnerships for decent work in Asia-Pacific. It looks at different types of partnerships, including public-private partnerships, south-south and triangular cooperation, and consider new dimensions for established ILO partnerships.

The ILO’s work in Asia and the Pacific has already been strengthened by a growing number of formal partnerships with regional member States, a trend that also reflects deepening integration. There are now a significant number of partnership countries in the region, including Australia, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The session explores existing and potential partnerships that will play an essential role in mobilizing a effective, collective effort to realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and building sustainable routes out of poverty through decent work.

Furthermore, economic growth in Asia-Pacific has allowed a significant number of countries to achieve middle income status. This offers them the chance to forge partnerships within the framework of south-south and triangular cooperation. The capacities and expertise available in member States in the region can also be used to address the needs of least developed countries, particularly in achieving the MDGs. Partnerships with regional bodies such as ASEAN are supporting efforts for expanding and deepening regional integration.

The panelists in this special session also shares information on the potential for public-private partnerships to support the Decent Work Agenda.

Participants includes leaders from the main regional institutions, partnership and donor countries, organizations active in the Asia-Pacific region, those involved in south-south cooperation and public-private partnerships.