14th African Regional Meeting (Abidjan 3–6 December 2019)

Transmission of speeches to interpreters

When speaking in a meeting, you are best understood when you speak freely. If you do read out a statement or text, your message will be conveyed with greater clarity if you provide a copy of your text to the interpreters.

Simply send your text or speaking notes by e-mail to:


and the interpreters will receive it directly.

The object of your message should clear state:


Please remember to send it out early enough to leave enough time for the interpreters for preparation purposes and do not forget to read at a normal pace.

If you don’t have an electronic copy of your text, you can hand in a paper copy to the Secretariat.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, which is in the interest of seamless communication during the meeting and a clear transmission of YOUR message.

Please remember that interpreters are bound by the strictest professional secrecy and your text or speaking notes will be very useful, even if it is not the final version, as it it is the interpreters’ duty to check against delivery.