Plenary sittings - general information

The plenary sittings of the Conference are held in the Assembly Hall on the third floor of the Assembly Building of the Palais des Nations. The opening sitting will be held on Monday, 28 May at 11 a.m.

The delegations of member States represented at the Conference are seated in French alphabetical order of country names, as indicated in the seating plans posted on either side of the podium and at the back entrance of the Assembly Hall. Seats without desks are reserved for advisers.

After its opening sitting, it is not foreseen that the Conference will meet in plenary until Thursday, 31 May, to begin its discussion of the Reports of the Chairperson of the Governing Body and of the Director-General. Plenary sittings will be held thereafter in the morning and afternoon until Wednesday, 6 June, as required. The closing ceremony will take place on Friday, 8 June. At all events, a plenary sitting of the Conference may be called at any other time, if necessary.