April 2016

  1. Pilot testing a fair recruitment model in the apparel industry

    11 April 2016

    The ILO’s FAIR project is currently implementing in collaboration with BWJ a pilot intervention model to eliminate deceptive and coercive recruitment practices in the apparel industry in Jordan and thus reduce the vulnerability of migrant workers to forced labour. The aim of this pilot intervention is to demonstrate that fair recruitment is possible and that it benefits both employers and workers. A one-day workshop will be organized on April 11th, 2016 in Amman to present the objectives and expected results of this pilot programme.

  2. Research department seminar - Banking and the Macroeconomy: a micro-macro linkage

    8 April 2016

    Presentation by Swetlana Kreiser, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

  3. The impact of financialization on work and entreprises 

    6 April 2016

    The aim of this conference organized by the ILO in partnership with the Collège des Bernardins is to pursue a high-level discussion between experts, entreprises and social partners on the future of work with a focus on the role of the financialization of the economy on labour relations.

March 2016

  1. ILO launches report on challenges of child labour and youth employment in Arab States

    30 March 2016

    Report examines the twin challenges of child labour and youth employment in five Arab States and ways to address them.

  2. Event to mark World Water Day 2016 and launch the World Water Development Report

    22 March 2016

    The official World Water Day event for 2016 was held in Geneva, at the ILO headquarters. It had been convened on behalf of UN-Water under the theme of “Water and Jobs” and saw the launch of the UN World Water Development Report on the issue.

  3. Panel discussion: “Addressing the labour market impacts of refugees and other forcibly displaced people”

    21 March 2016

    The ILO's Governing Body held a high-level panel with heads of relevant international organizations to share their views on the impacts of refugees and other forcibly displaced people on host societies and their labour markets, and to explore ways of enhancing the ILO’s role and inter-agency cooperation.

  4. Launch of new project to combat unacceptable forms of work in the Thai fishing and seafood industry

    17 March 2016

    The launch and signing ceremony of the EU-funded project, Combatting Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Thai Fishing and Seafood Industry.

  5. The migrant workers protection in Honduras

    14 March 2016

    Both institutions have been working in the coordination improvement regarding a better protection of migrant workers, in topics like statistics information exchange and obtaining a work permit.

  6. Panel Discussion on “Future of Work and Labour Market Reforms”

    10 March 2016

    The ILO invited a panel of leading experts in labour market, social and economic issues for a panel discussion which was moderated by the DG to discuss the transformational changes taking place in the world of work as part of the Future of Work initiative.

  7. ILO/IZA Conference on “Assessing the Effects of Labour Market Reforms – A Global Perspective”

    10 - 11 March 2016

    The purpose of the Conference is to take stock of the effects that labour market reforms have had in terms of job quality, inequality and employment creation. There will also be a panel moderated by the DG on the Future of Work to discuss the transformational changes taking place in the world of work. English/French/Spanish interpretation will be available.