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April 2014

  1. Officials from Kuwait and Jordan explore methods to implement ILO international instruments on domestic workers

    23 - 24 April 2014, Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Government representatives from Jordan and Kuwait meet to enhance their ability to implement ILO Convention No. 189 and Recommendation No. 201.

  2. Kuwait and the ILO discuss the foundations of a national migration policy

    21 - 22 April 2014, Kuwait

    ILO experts and Kuwaiti government officials meet in a two-day consultation to formulate the objectives of a national migration policy.

  3. The School of Music of Gardanne dedicates the concert of the professors to the fight against child labour

    15 April 2014, School of Musci of Gardanne, 39 Boulevard Carnot, 13120 Gardanne

    In partnership with the initiative "Music against child labour", two songs on the fight against child labour: "Free the Children" and "The Music" played by the orchestra of the school and the choral group Gabriel.

  4. Extraordinary Retreat of ILO Directors in Africa

    14 - 16 April 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    ILO directors in the Africa Region met in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia from 14 - 16 April, 2014 to discuss the work progress in the Region, as well as activities related to Ouaga+10.

  5. Seminar on The Macroeconomics of Income Inequality: A Global Perspective

    11 April 2014, George Washington University, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

    The seminar would explore the macroeconomic implications of rising income inequality, the potential trade-off between redistributive policies and growth, and policy measures that are most likely to deliver redistribution with the least harm to growth.

  6. Global Dialogue Forum on Challenges to Collective Bargaining in the Public Service

    2 - 3 April 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

    Tripartite participants will discuss how the economic and financial crisis has impacted collective bargaining in the public service and other challenges to the development of good labour relations.

March 2014

  1. International Labour Standards for judges and lawyers

    31 March - 4 April 2014, Nyamata, Rwanda

    The ILO is sensitizing judges, lawyers and legal educators on the use of international labour standards in Rwanda

  2. Occupational safety and health management

    31 March - 11 April 2014, International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin, Italy

    The general objective of the course is to strengthen the capacity for the implementation and development of occupational safety and health (OSH) management practices in enterprises.

  3. Youth guarantee: A response to the youth employment crisis?

    24 March 2014, Italian Parliament, Rome,Italy

  4. Lebanon’s Domestic Workers’ Committee advocates for decent work by celebrating Women’s Day and Mother’s Day

    23 March 2014, Beirut, Lebanon

    The ILO and the first workers’ organisation for migrant domestic workers in the Arab region will celebrate Mother’s Day and Women’s Day to promote better conditions for domestic workers in Lebanon.

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