December 2016

  1. Wage compression within the firm

    6 December 2016

    Presenter: Michele Pellizzari University of Geneva, Chair: Patrick Belser INWORK

  2. High-Level Dialogue on Inclusive Growth for Social Justice

    6 December 2016

    This session will highlight the importance of Decent Work in achieving the targets set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

  3. High-Level Dialogue: “Inclusive Growth for Social Justice”

    6 December 2016

  4. 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting

    6 - 9 December 2016

    The 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) will bring together the ILO’s tripartite constituents from throughout Asia, the Pacific and the Gulf and Arab states.

  5. Labour Migration Academy

    5 - 9 December 2016

    The Academy on Labour Migration is a unique training opportunity to review and analyse key issues, strategies, policies and tools for tackling the complex challenges in terms of governance, protection of migrant workers and their families, migration and development linkages, and international cooperation. To address the regional dimension of labour migration more effectively, the academy will take place in Africa in 2016.

November 2016

  1. Meeting of Experts to Adopt a Revised Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Ports

    21 - 30 November 2016

  2. International Labour Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility: Understanding workers’ rights in the framework of due diligence

    21 - 25 November 2016

    This five-day course aims to strengthen the capacity of participants to understand the principles of international labour standards as they relate to company operations (including due diligence related to labour rights) and how those principles can be most effectively implemented in company operations.

  3. “Today Project” roundtable and concert on Universal Children’s Day

    20 November 2016

    Partners will discuss the “Today Project”, which uses music as a means to broaden collaboration on tackling child labour, at an event dedicated to the Music Against Child Labour Initiative and Alliance 8.7

  4. Youth Employment: Flows in and out during the Great Recession

    18 November 2016

    Presenter: Inmaculada Cebrián, Universidad de Alcalá - Chair: Sara Elder, Youth Employment Programme

  5. ILO and INSEAD Evidence Symposium: Promoting Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Growth and Decent Jobs

    14 - 15 November 2016

    The symposium brings together policy makers, academics and business leaders to the INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi to share and discuss the latest cutting edge evidence on entrepreneurship and decent jobs in the MENA region on November 14-15th, 2016.