July 2015

  1. 4th Conference on Regulating for Decent Work: Developing and Implementing Policies for a Better Future at Work (RDW), 8-10 July 2015

    8 - 10 July 2015

    The 4th RDW Conference will investigate key dimensions of the future of work and will focus on four thematic issues: (I) Worker protection: wages, hours, and the employment relationship; (II) Income security in the era of widening inequality – labour income, social protection, and well-being; (III) Labour market regulation and development – political economy of policy reforms and their outcomes; and (IV) Reaching out to vulnerable workers: voice, actions, and the role of collective labour relations.

June 2015

  1. Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the MNE Declaration

    15 - 19 June 2015

    This five-day course will look at how governments, enterprises and the social partners are encouraged to each put policies in place and engage with each other through dialogue to maximize the positive contribution of multinational enterprises to socio economic development and decent work.

  2. Promoting green jobs policies: employment potential and skill needs in a greener economy

    15 - 19 June 2015

    This course tackles challenges and opportunities in the promotion of green jobs, by providing participants with the needed knowledge and tools to assess potentialities, device appropriate policies, discuss investments and technology options, implement strategies, monitor and evaluate progress towards a greener economy. Special attention will be given to the assessment of employment potential and the analysis of skill needs, through sectoral, cross-sector and country analysis in view of informing national policy initiatives. Target audience: representatives from Ministries of Labour/Employment and social partners, as well as government officials from other line Ministries (e.g. Environment, Planning, Finance, etc.), national and international development agencies, civil society organisations and academia.

  3. 104th Session of the International Labour Conference

    1 - 13 June 2015

  4. Open Online Course on Workers’ Rights in a Global Economy

    1 June - 31 July 2015

    Global Labour University launches free Massive Open Online Course on Workers’ Rights in a Global Economy

May 2015

  1. Research department seminar - The Great Catch-Up: Women and Skill in Mexico

    28 May 2015

    Presentation by Sonia Bhalotra, University Essex and IZA

  2. Work in Freedom Programme Update

    27 May 2015

    The Work in Freedom Update and UK Stakeholder Meeting is an annual event intended to brief UK stakeholders engaged in the fight against modern slavery on progress with the Work in Freedom Programme. It is also an opportunity for others to share latest developments or emerging evidence in the field. Work in Freedom is a five year, UK-funded initiative to combat trafficking of women in South Asia and the Middle East. The programme is delivered by the International Labour Organisation, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other global and local partners.

  3. Foreign Employment Research and Promotion Training

    27 - 29 May 2015

    This technical training for representatives of Kiribati, Tuvalu and Nauru governments is aimed at increasing capacity of officials in Departments of Labour, embassy officers and other government staff, to provide a foundation for governments to develop the framework to carry out foreign employment market research and promotion. The training will cover information on foreign labour markets in low-skilled and semi-skilled occupations where there may be opportunities for decent work, and provide guidance on using information to promote and strengthen participation of workers in labour migration program.

  4. Labour Migration Academy (trilingual course)

    18 - 29 May 2015

    This global training activity on international labour migration reviews and analyses key issues, strategies, policies and tools for better governance of international labour migration, linking migration and development, and promoting the protection of rights of migrant workers and their families.. In addition to plenary sessions the academy offers the possibility to participants through elective courses to analyze as well in-depth key topics related to labour migration. The academy will therefore give a broad overview of the different challenges and opportunities related to international labour migration, but it will also give the opportunity to participants to tailor-made the reinforcement of their capacities according to their specific needs.

  5. Working for All? New Ideas and Innovative Strategies to Enhance Economic and Social Benefits in Trade Agreements

    14 May 2015

    George Washington University, Washington, DC – Thursday, 14 May 2015 - 9 am to 5 pm