April 2015

  1. Global Dialogue Forum on Employment Relationships in Retail Commerce: Their impact on Decent Work and Competitiveness

    22 - 23 April 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

    The tripartite participants will discuss how the diversification of employment relationships in retail commerce.

  2. Course "Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and trafficking"

    20 - 24 April 2015, ILO International Training Centre Turin, Italy

    The main objective of the course is to train participants to better identify and investigate cases of forced labour, including trafficking for labour exploitation. The course addresses the different stages of the process (inspecting workplaces, interviewing victims, gathering evidence), with a focus on the private sector (textile, agriculture, domestic work, etc.).

  3. Distance learning course on occupational safety and health

    13 April - 24 September 2015, International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin, Italy

    The general objective of this course is to develop the knowledge and the understanding for managing the occupational safety and health (OSH). The course has an estimated duration of 550 hours of study and it has been designed for engineers, physicians, chemists, inspectors and other civil servants, or simply OSH practitioners interested in increasing their knowledge and competence on occupational safety and health.

March 2015

  1. Green jobs for sustainable development: concepts and practices

    30 March - 22 May 2015, Distance

    The overall objective of this interactive e-learning course is to improve the understanding of green jobs key concepts and definitions as part of the contribution of the world of work to sustainable development, through a review of tools, selected literature and on-going practices. Special attention is given to the approaches of the ILO Green Jobs Programme across specific economic sectors and at country level. Target audience: representatives from Governments, Employers’ Organizations, Trade Unions, national and international development agencies, civil society organisations and development practitioners.

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    Women and the Future of Work: Beijing+20 and Beyond

    6 March 2015, ILO Headquarters, Room II - 11:00 am

    The ILO will celebrate International Women’s Day with a panel discussion on: “Women and the Future of Work: Beijing+20 and Beyond”.

  3. 9th ILO Caribbean Labour Ministers' Meeting - Decent Work for Sustainable Development

    3 - 4 March 2015, Nassau, The Bahamas

    The Meeting will address labour issues which are high on the agenda of the labour administrations within the region, with a particular focus on youth employment, green economy and the implementation of the Decent Work Agenda in the Caribbean

February 2015

  1. International Experts' Meeting on assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries as countries of destination (ECLM project)

    23 - 24 February 2015, OECD, Paris, France

    The meeting will gather a small group of academic experts from universities, research institutions and international organisations from around the world to discuss methodological approaches for the ECLM project.

  2. Tripartite Meeting on the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No. 87) in relation to the right to strike and the modalities and practices of strike action at national level

    23 - 25 February 2015, ILO

  3. "Today Festival - Say NO to Child Labour" concert

    20 February 2015, Conservatorio di Musica “L. Canepa”, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

    Music event organised by the Soroptimist International Club of Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) in collaboration with the ILO on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice

  4. Panel on Labor Rights and Human Trafficking

    19 February 2015, New York - Columbia Business School - 3:00pm