Launch of the annual Global Employment Trends report (GET 2011)

The Global Employment Trends 2011, along with other public information materials, will be available on 25 January 2011.

The ILO is to issue its annual report “Global Employment Trends: The challenge of a jobs recovery”, on Tuesday 25 January 2011.

This year’s Global Employment Trends report will be the first to assess how the world’s labour markets have been faring during the ongoing economic recovery and provide projections of employment and unemployment prospects for the world as a whole as well as the various regions.

The report will be available in English, French and Spanish. All associated media and information materials including the press release are under strict embargo and not for publication, broadcast or quotation before 23:00 GMT on Monday, 24 January.

Launch details

Journalists can download the embargoed material from the ILO’s password-protected media site as of Thursday, 20 January. To access the site, please contact

For Geneva correspondents: A press briefing on the Global Employment Trends Report will be held on Monday, 24 January, at 14:30 in Press Room III at the Palais des Nations. The briefing will be chaired by Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Director, ILO Employment Sector, with Mr. Steven Kapsos and Mr. Theo Sparreboom, ILO economists and authors of the report, and Mr. Moazam Mahmood, Director of the ILO Economic and Labour Market Analysis Department.

Broadcasters can access a video news release (TBC), coverage of the press conference and interviews with the authors by contacting the ILO Radio and TV Unit on +4122/799-7935 or emailing

Interviews can be scheduled via the ILO Department of Communication and Public Information on +4122/799-7912,

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