1. Feasibility Study on Establishing Migrant Worker Resource Centres managed by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour

  2. Monitoring of the Viet Nam Association of Manpower Supply (VAMAS) Code of Conduct

  3. World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2016

    Since 2003, the International Labour Organization (ILO) observes World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, stressing the prevention of accidents and illnesses at work, capitalizing on its traditional strengths of tripartism and social dialogue. This year, under the theme "Emerging risks and new patterns of prevention in a changing world of work" the day will draw attention on the current global challenges and the new context of occupational safety and health practice.

  4. Child Labour Platform (CLP)

    A business-led forum for tackling child labour in supply chains

  5. World Day Against Child Labour - 12 June 2016

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the first World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 as a way to highlight the plight of working children. Observed on June 12th, the day is intended to serve as a catalyst for the growing worldwide movement against child labour. The focus of the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour is on child labour and supply chains. Supply chains are the sequence of activities/processes involved in the production and distribution of a product. With globalization, supply chains have become increasingly complex, involving workers, small producers, and enterprises around the world. While most child labour occurs in production for domestic markets, children can also be found working in the production of goods and services for export.


  1. Decent Work for Domestic Workers begins at home

  2. Domestic Workers’ Access to Justice and Compensation Exchange

    On Sunday 14 June 2015, The Network of Domestic Workers in Thailand, HomeNet and the ILO hosted the Domestic Workers’ Access to Justice and Compensation Exchange event in celebration of Domestic Workers Day (16 June).

  3. For the second year celebration of World Day against Child Labour Campaing in Myanmar

    June 12 is the World Day Against Child Labour and this year’s theme is “No to Child Labour, Yes to Quality Education. In Yangon a national event is held with the Government, Workers and Employers Organizations, Civil Society, Private Businesses and Development Partners. At the community level, events in Mon and Kayin States with local partner organizations Karen Women Empowerment Group, Mon National Education Committee, Mon Women Organization and Women Empowerment Program are being with the participation of students, teachers and community members through awareness raising activities through arts and dialogue.

  4. Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador Capstone Event

    To celebrate the achievements of Round II of the Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador programme, a Capstone (Graduation) Event was held on 5 June 2015 in Bangkok. The event was an opportunity for all twenty Youth Ambassadors and host organizations (CSO partners) to share their experiences; to reflect lessons learned and strategize the next steps of the programme; and for the Youth Ambassadors to present their proposed community outreach projects as part of their continued engagement with the campaign. Several of the campaign’s supporters, including UN-ACT and UN Women participated in the event.

  5. Sign up to end modern slavery

    One year after the adoption of the Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29) and accompanying Recommendation, the 104th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) presents a timely opportunity to engage with and garner the support of ILC delegates for a global campaign to end modern slavery.