• How employment services can support a post-pandemic jobs recovery


    If you are out of work looking for a job or an employer looking to fill a job vacancy, who can help? Explore this InfoStory to discover how employment services can support people and governments respond to economic crisis.


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    The high stakes of water and work

    World of Work Show – LIVE on Thursday, 23 March 16:00–16:30 CET

    As the historic UN Water Conference opens in New York, we find out why poor water and sanitation is holding back economies and societies. And, as it's now been three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILO World of Work Show explores why women were and continue to be disproportionately affected by the crisis.


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    We won’t need to beg for water anymore

    World Water Day

    Yasin Muhumad Faarah, an Ethiopian farmer, lost all his cattle in a recent drought. Without a regular supply of water, his future livelihood and that of other members of the community was in jeopardy. Together they built a water collection basin that promises a viable future for them all.


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    ILO Director-General warns of rise in global inequalities, highlights need for global coalition on social justice

    347th Governing Body – 13-23 March

    At the opening session of the ILO Governing Body meeting, the Director-General has stressed the urgent need for a broad-based and co-ordinated response to promote social justice and tackle economic and social inequalities. 


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