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A way out of informality
In Brazil, formal employment has risen by almost 14 per cent in a decade…SUPERSIMPLES is part of the reason. The forthcoming American Regional Meeting of the ILO will consider employment and social protection policies as boosters of productivity and formal employment.

  1. 18th American Regional Meeting
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ILO Blog
As this year’s World Day for Decent Work focuses on the challenges of climate change, ILO Director-General explains how the ILO supports an ambitious global climate agreement which also fosters the just transition to decent work for all.

  1. ILO topic portal on green jobs
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Sustainable development
The new training course – which kicks off with a high level policy forum – will facilitate the sharing of experiences and know-how on green jobs creation.

  1. ILO topic portal on green jobs
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ILO/WHO briefing note
Healthcare workers infected with the Ebola virus in Western Africa underscore the risks posed by all workers who come in to contact with the disease. The ILO and WHO have issued joint briefing note for employers and workers on Ebola, providing guidance on preventing the virus in the workplace.

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