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Promoting jobs, protecting people
Child labour
In response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, the ILO has identified child labour as a priority issue. Already, the Jordanian Government says that child labour has doubled nationwide – to 60,000 – since the refugee influx began in 2011.

  1. ILO Portal on Child Labour
Addressing global inequalities
In a statement delivered to the 2014 Spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, the ILO Director-General warns of rising global unemployment and calls for measures to boost household purchasing power.

  1. "Tackling unemployment and inequality to revive growth":statement to the 2014 IMF and World Bank Spring meetings
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Job skills
Today's employers want more than training and experience. They're also looking for "soft skills" that can play as big a role in a person's career development as their technical know-how. Here are six that are especially important.
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Disability and work
Employing people with disabilities – a huge and largely overlooked market segment – makes a lot of sense for companies. But that requires overcoming a fear of the unknown and looking at abilities rather than disabilities.

  1. ILO Topic Portal on Disability and Work
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