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Social protection
An ILO report released ahead of the International Day of Older Persons says that 52 per cent of older persons worldwide receive a pension, but levels are inadequate and the trend has worsened due to fiscal consolidation.

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A new ILO report presents a series of measures to stimulate much needed job creation and cut mass unemployment in Spain amid some signs of economic recovery.

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ILO Blog
A new Protocol and Recommendation have equipped ILO’s Forced Labour Convention with new tools for tackling modern-day slavery. But its adoption at this year’s International Labour Conference was far from certain. Here’s a glimpse into how it got adopted and why these instruments are critical to address the worst forms of exploitation.
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ILO/WHO briefing note
Healthcare workers infected with the Ebola virus in Western Africa underscore the risks posed by all workers who come in to contact with the disease. The ILO and WHO have issued joint briefing note for employers and workers on Ebola, providing guidance on preventing the virus in the workplace.

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