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Promoting jobs, protecting people
Post-2015 Development Agenda
The UN is one step closer to agreeing on a new set of development objectives, including ambitious targets on full employment and decent work for the world’s seven billion people.

  1. ILO portal on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
ILO Study
Jordan’s youth face a myriad of challenges when attempting to move from education to the workplace, according to a new ILO study.

  1. ILO Topic Portal on Youth Employment
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Green economy
ILO Director-General calls on EU environment and labour ministers to align policies for sustainable development.

  1. ILO topic portal on green jobs
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Fair economy
The coop economy, worth around US$2.5 trillion, plays its part in helping to eliminate child labour – a problem that, although in decline, still affects 168 million children worldwide.

  1. ILO topic portal on child labour
  2. ILO topic portal on cooperatives


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