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Promoting jobs, protecting people
Garment industry in Bangladesh
One year after the global garment industry's worst-ever industrial accident, the International Labour Organization together with the Government of Bangladesh, employers, trade unions and the international community are working together to address the root causes of the disaster and ensure a safe working environment for garment workers.

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Decent work
Early childhood education plays a critical role in the lives of many families. It helps parents to continue working while equipping children with essential learning tools. But early childhood educators too often lack decent working conditions with longer hours, less pay and fewer benefits than other teachers.
Child labour
In response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, the ILO has identified child labour as a priority issue. Already, the Jordanian Government says that child labour has doubled nationwide – to 60,000 – since the refugee influx began in 2011.

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Addressing global inequalities
In a statement delivered to the 2014 Spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, the ILO Director-General warns of rising global unemployment and calls for measures to boost household purchasing power.

  1. "Tackling unemployment and inequality to revive growth":statement to the 2014 IMF and World Bank Spring meetings
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