• Young workers at risk

    Young workers suffer from injury and illness on the job at far higher rates than their adult counterparts. Explore this InfoStory to learn more about occupational safety and health for young people.


  • Decent Work pledge for Occupied Palestinian Territory

    First visit by an ILO Director-General to the Palestinian Territory in two decades aims to consolidate cooperation between the Organization and Palestinian partners.


  • Persistent and growing inequality threatens global growth

    In a statement to the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder warned that high and rising levels of inequality are impeding inclusive and sustainable development. Looking to the future of work, he also called for a focus on decent work to confront the challenges of demography, technology, and climate change.


  • Bosnia: A partnership to create jobs

    Our impact, their voices

    Local employment partnerships have proved to be a promising approach to create jobs for the long-term unemployed and provide businesses with a skilled workforce in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Programmes and results

  1. ILO's flagship programmes

    The ILO has integrated many of its existing technical projects into five flagship programmes, designed to enhance the efficency and impact of its development cooperation with constituents on a global scale.

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    Promoting Better Work for women in Vietnam’s garment sector

    The Better Work programme helps improve working conditions in garment factories, while making the sector more competitive.


  1. Partnering for Development

    With over 50 years of experience in development cooperation, the ILO today has a bigger portfolio than ever with some 600 active programmes and projects in more than 100 countries.

  2. ILO projects worldwide

    Discover the new ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard

  3. Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme

    More jobs and better infrastructure for Lebanon


  1. Artists engagement programme

    Artworks brings together artists to raise awareness, promote fundamental rights and advocate for social change on world of work issues.

Multimedia library

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World of Work magazine

  1. Special 2017 issue

    Migration should be a choice

    This year’s edition of the World of Work magazine highlights themes discussed by the ILO’s 106th International Labour Conference, including migration.