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As part of the ILO’s efforts to support communities in Jordan most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis, the 2014 Irbid Olive and Rural Produce Festival brought together local farmers and businesses to showcase products and explore avenues to develop the olive industry.
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Joint publication ILO-MPI
Against a backdrop of aging populations and persistently low economic growth, few European governments are doing enough to help recent immigrants move from low-skilled precarious jobs and into decent work, says a new report by the Migration Policy Institute and the ILO.

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New ILO study
An ILO report launched ahead of the meeting of Economic and Social Councils in Seoul, South Korea, points to divergent trends: while many countries are moving towards more fiscal consolidation and less social spending, several developing countries are boldly expanding social protection schemes.

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Occupational safety and health
Healthcare workers infected with the Ebola virus in Western Africa underscore the risks posed by all workers who come into contact with the disease. Within its mandate, the ILO is collaborating with the World Health Organization in specific activities to address important occupational safety and health and other issues arising out of this outbreak in relation to the world of work.
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