Media; culture; graphical

The media, culture, graphics sector covers a large range of industries including internet, television, newspapers, magazines, books, film and radio, and the companies and organizations involved in publishing, producing, packaging and distributing media content to the public. The sector also covers live performances, video games, printing and the graphical industries, as well as cinemas, professional sports, museums, amusement parks and other entertainment activities.

The ILO's work in the sector deals with such issues as the impact of information and communication technologies on work and employment, on intellectual property rights, gender issues, employment relationships, social protection, and promotion of employment in cultural and creative industries.

Current work on the media, culture and graphics sector is focused on:
  • the employment effects of technological and market developments in media and entertainment industries and their impact on the future of the press, public service broadcasting, the music and film industry and other segments.
  • ILO/UNESCO/WIPO Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations, 1961
  • employment relationships and their impact on decent work in the sector.