Building a More Equitable and Sustainable Migration System in South Sudan

Enhancing the capacity of employers and Private Employment Agencies (PrEAs) in South Sudan.

Article | 08 November 2023
In the context of evolving landscape of regional migration, a dynamic workshop unfolded in Juba on November 7 - 8 2023. With the overarching goal of enhancing the capacity of employers, including foreign employers and Private Employment Agencies (PrEAs), the Employers' Association of South Sudan (EASS) in collaboration with the ILO Better Regional Migration Management (BRMM) Programme, ushered a crucial step toward promoting fair recruitment and social dialogue.

25 participants representing the Ministry of Labour, the Institute of Social Science, the Employers Association of South Sudan (EASS), the South Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation (SSWTUF), TNLA-Transitional Legislative Assembly Labour Committee, the Ethiopian Business Community, PrEAs as well as the Kenyan Business Communities, attended the training.

The workshop explored the multifaceted challenges, from irregular migration to the exploitation of migrant workers, emphasising the importance of a robust regulatory framework. The workshop discussed the complex issues of youth unemployment, and climate change. The workshop addressed the intricate task of creating opportunities for the growing youth population.

The event fostered consensus-building among participants through the promotion of social dialogue as a cornerstone for economic and social development. The emphasis on fair recruitment practices by both employers and PrEAs became a prominent component, in line with international conventions and standards.
One of the significant outcomes of the workshop was the presentation of the EASS strategic plan and development of a roadmap that aligns with the evolving needs of South Sudan's business landscape. In addition, the event strengthened national collaboration and networking among employers' associations, foreign employers, and PrEAs. By enhancing the understanding of labour migration challenges, the workshop set the stage for a more informed and cooperative approach toward managing migration challenges in South Sudan.