Somalia's Migrant Resource Centre in Action

A Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) is established in Mogadishu, Somalia.

News | 14 October 2023
In a significant stride towards enhancing labour migration governance and safeguarding the rights of migrant workers and their families, a Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Mogadishu, Somalia, was established by the Better Regional Migration Management (BRMM) Programme of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in collaboration with the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) and inaugurated by H.E. Dr Mohamed Elmi Ibrahim, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia on October 14, 2023. The newly established MRC located inside the FESTU, aims to contribute to safe, orderly & regular labour migration by promoting informed and fair migration practices within and outside Somalia.

These outcomes underscore the transformative impact of the centre on the lives of potential migrants, returnees, and their families while fostering a responsible and humane approach to migration. Moreover, the establishment of the Migrant Resource Centre in Somalia is expected to yield a multitude of positive outcomes, including improved access to accurate information for potential migrants, returnees, and their families, reducing the risk of unsafe migration practices or falling victim to human trafficking.

Through the MRC, FESTU plans to promote informed decision-making among potential migrants and returnees. In turn, this is planned to reduce the vulnerability to human trafficking, smuggling and irregular migration. Furthermore, the centre's efforts in awareness and sensitisation plan to lead to, a greater community understanding of labour migration challenges and opportunities and promote safe, regular and orderly labour migration. Additionally, by advocating for ethical recruitment practices and collaborating with stakeholders, the Migrant Resource Centre will create a conducive environment for decent work, where migrant workers' rights are respected.