On-Job-Training Manual for the poultry sector

One of the recommendations from the skill needs and gaps assessment work done on the poultry sector includes tailored training to improve poultry production and productivity.

With this in mind, this manual aims to introduce a holistic approach to on-job-training for in-company trainers to close the basic skill gaps and pivot sectoral productivity and production growth. It is designed to smoothen the school-to-work transition for young entrepreneurs and those joining the labour market through wage employment by supporting and promoting the competencies of in-company trainers to facilitate effective knowledge acquisition, application, and delivery.

The modules provide introductory or basic information on the core skills for poultry jobs and steps to sustain a viable poultry enterprise. Sections include production planning and management, operating tools and equipment, understanding feed inputs, poultry health, safe medication, and
maximizing income through marketing in the value chain.
Secondly, the training tools included in the manual could serve as a guiding toolkit for TVETs in collaboration with poultry sector experts to mainstream short-term training and the certification of competencies system to grow the pool of qualified workforce for the sector.