Employment global products and tools: Sectoral strategies

Instructional material | 16 April 2020
  • Caribbean vocational qualification transition to employment in CARICOM member states (forthcoming)
    The study was aimed at determining the effectiveness of regional certification in the transition to decent employment after more than decades, in addition to understanding the problems associated with the issuance of the certification (NVQ/CVQ).
  • Employment and labour market policies database
    This new database provides a unique platform to access employment, youth employment and labour market policies, to ILO staff and constituents, and to the general public.
  • GIS mapping of the labour market in bioeconomy in Argentina
    In this Atlas of the bioeconomy in Argentina, ILO was responsible for the labour market part of this exercise. The focus was on the demand side. Besides information on total employment, it also includes further details such as age groups, gender dimensions, wages, size of enterprise and various sub-sectors within bioeconomy.
  • Global Employment Trends for Youth 2020: Technology and the future of jobs
    The Global Employment Trends for Youth series is a biennual report setting out the youth labour market situation around the world by incorporating the most recent employment trends for young women and men.
  • Guide on pro-employment macroeconomic and sectoral policies for African countries (forthcoming)
    This policy guide is concerned with addressing these questions with a particular focus on the role of a comprehensive macroeconomic and sectoral policy framework in promoting employment growth, a question that receives too little attention in current policy debates and practice.
  • Local resource-based approaches in water works
    The document brings evidence from 12 projects showing the approach in different stages of the project cycle focusing on water and sanitation, small dams; irrigation systems and adaptation works.
  • Rapport méthodologique pour simuler les impacts des politiques publiques sur l'emploi et la croissance au cameroun. Edition 2019
    Le rapport expose la démarche méthodologique de construction d'un outil de modélisation des impacts des politiques publiques macro et sectorielles sur l'emploi, en appui au mainstreaming de l'emploi dans les référents stratégiques et programmatiques au Cameroun et les travaux de planification de la deuxième phase de la vision d'émergence 2035 du Cameroun.
  • Rapport sur l'analyse des tendances et des perspectives emploi et compétences dans l'économie camerounaise: une approche par branche productive
    L'étude vise à développer une méthodologie pour pouvoir analyser les tendances actuelles ainsi que les perspectives en emploi et compétences dans l'économie nationale en s'appuyant sur une analyse des 43 branches de production dans l'économie.
  • Rising to the youth employment challenge
    This book brings together contributions from the ILO’s Youth Employment Programme detailing policies that enable young people to find decent work.
  • STED: A practical guide
    The guide provides practical guidance to help policy makers to work with the private sector in thinking strategically about the skills needs of tomorrow and about the supply responses required today.