Launching of Triem Tay – an Authentic Vietnamese Village as a CBT Cooperative, a Model of National Targetted Programe of New Rural Development

Triem Tay- a very peaceful but poor village faced with land erosion was revitalized with tourism development. The development in Triem Tay is not only for poverty reduction of local people who wanted to leave their land due to the land losses but also a model for climate change mitigation and poverty reduction of provincial and national level. Green solutions for protecting land from the water erosion were applied with a strong support from the government both in policies and finance. Tourism development in Triem Tay is the result of a high motivation from local people, immense support of the government and technical assistance of the ILO and UNESCO.


Together with provincial initiatives in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam on tourism development, the ILO and UNESCO contribute to the realisation of the priorities of the Vietnam Sustainable Development Strategy through the "the Responsible Tourism Project" funded by Luxembourg Government. The project aims at contributing to the creation of decent work opportunities and livelihood improvement through awareness raising, capacity building and enhancement of tourism business environment for the local governments and the hospitality and other tourism-related service providers in Quang Nam and Thua Thien-Hue provinces.

In terms of diversifying the tourism products, Triem Tay village in Quang Nam is carefully studied and selected as a targeted destination that can be developed into a CBT village based on its potentials in culture, landscape, geological locations, potential market and the commitment of local people and authorities. Many activities have been carried out in the field in order that this potential village will become an attractive destination. After one year of starting the project’s support in Triem Tay, the village will officially be open for tourists on 28 September 2015. On 1st October 2015, ILO supports to launch Triem Tay as a CBT village in order to introduce all tourism products of Triem Tay to the public including public-private partners and media. Apart from a model with good practices for NTP NRD, Triem Tay tourism village is a satellite to share tourists for Hoi An.


  • To introduce a revitalized village to all the public, emphasizing the importance of a close combination among local people motivations, governmental support and United Nations support as an evidence-base policy model.
  • To launch a new tourism destination that can help share tourists for Hoi An with local tourism typical products of a peaceful and authentic Vietnamese village


Approximately 70 participants from local authorities at provincial, district and commune level; Tour companies; and Media.