Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Training for Facilitators

Disability equality training (DET) is a dynamic, focused, highly participatory groupwork approach to changing attitudes and practices towards the greater inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream employment, services and activities.

Since the approach was piloted through the course Disability and Equality Training (DET) conducted in collaboration with the International Training Centre of ILO in Turin 2008, the ILO’s Skills and Employability Department (EMP/GED), has been implemented Disability Equality Training (DET) through technical cooperation projects in selected countries of East and Southern Africa, and South East Asia.

Experience to date indicates that DET makes an important contribution to improving opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in general training and employment-related services and programmes available to the population at large, and to hold jobs in the general labour market. Facilitators have been trained in the DET approach and have gained experience in implementing it in different settings.

In order to meet growing demand from International and Vietnamese enterprises for DET and to increase the number facilitators of DET in Viet Nam, especially in the central and south region, to help disseminate awareness of ILO’s key disability inclusion messages disability inclusion issues in an interactive, participatory fashion, from 28th September to 2nd October 2015, a Disability Equality training for facilitators is conducted in Ho Chi Minh City for 12 key facilitators.

This training is conducted in collaboration with the Disability Research and Development (DRD) and facilitated by its Master of DET – Ms. Maureen Gilbert.

Series of refresh DETs later were practiced and disseminated through key Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) to government agencies, employer’s organizations and other social partners to increase their awareness on and promote disability equality.

The outline timetable:

  • Day 1: introduction; demonstration of the main elements of DET;
  • Day 2: continuation of main elements of DET; analysis of the main elements of DET; discussion of national and international disability instruments;
  • Days 3 and 4: individual practice facilitation and analysis; and
  • Day 5: revision; outstanding issues; outline of future process (written assignment, Community of Practice, recognition process); feedback.

For further information please contact:

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National Project Coordinator
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Tel.: +84 4 37340902 Ext 227
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