Consultation Workshop and Launching Ceremony on Ticketing/Fee System for Thanh Toan Village and its Community Museum

Ticketing/fee system for Thanh Toan village as a compensation for tourism activities was discussed since 2014 when the ILO and UNESCO started our technical support for the commune. However, how to develop a ticketing/feed system proposal for a village? Which should governmental agencies take charge and which can approve? Which does governmental policy papers regulate? To answer this question, a Taskforce involving different stakeholders both from private and public sector was established with the technical support from the ILO and UNESCO. A series of activities was carried out until a consultation workshop organised in July 2015 and after the proposal is approved, a launch ceremony was organised with the open of Thanh Toan Community Museum.


In Thua Thien Hue province, Thanh Toan village is carefully studied and selected to become a new destination that can get high involvement of the local people thanks to its potentials in long history, culture, beautiful landscape and rich market from tour operator's interest. After the establishment of Thanh Toan CBT Cooperative in December 2014, some income-generation services for Thanh Toan has been identified, including an appropriate ticketing/ fee system for the village that matches with all the relevant regulations and the operation of the Community Museum. Therefore, a consultation workshop on ticketing/ fee system proposal for Thanh Toan village and for the Community Museum with the communities, expert and private partners was organized in July 2015 after a long procedure to study and to learn from different locations. After the consultation workshop in July 2015, all the comments/ feedbacks and contributions were consolidated to finalize the proposal and submit for approval. On 14 November 2015, together with opening the Thanh Toan Village Community Museum with many agricultural experience activities, the approved proposal on ticketing/fee system has been publicly revealed with positive feedbacks from the public.


  • To present the proposal prepared by the Taskforce and seek more recommendations, feedback from the communities, private sector and experts.
  • To reveal publicly the approval proposal on ticketing/fee system for Thanh Toan village Community Museum to the public


A ticketing/ fee system is applied for the first-ever community Museum in Thanh Toan village. The Community Museum on daily life, culture and agriculture of local people combined with real experiences is an income-generation products of Thanh Toan Community Based Cooperative.


Approximately 80 participants from communities, experts, private partners and media in Thua Thien Hue Province and national agencies.