Allegations to the CEART concerning non-application of provisions of the recommendations concerning teaching personnel

Neither the 1966 Recommendation nor the 1997 Recommendation is a legally binding instrument, and the role of the CEART is not judicial. Nevertheless, an important function of the CEART is the consideration of information on issues associated with the application of the 1966 or 1997 Recommendations, and the encouragement of governments, employers’ and teachers’ organisations to adopt measures which would enhance the status of the teaching profession. Under a procedure endorsed by the governing bodies of the ILO and UNESCO, national and international teachers’ organisations may submit to the CEART communications concerning the non-application of the provisions of the 1966 Recommendation and/or the 1997 Recommendation in a given country.

To be receivable, any allegation must:
  • be related to the provisions of either Recommendation,
  • must emanate from a national or international teachers’ organisation and
  • must not fall within the competence of other bodies of ILO and UNESCO established to monitor conventions or other international instruments.