Evaluation Manager Certification Programme

Training will take place in October 2019. Please email eval@ilo.org to enroll and to receive more information. EVAL established this programme in collaboration with ILO HRD and the International Training Centre in Turin, Italy. With the aim to upgrade the quality of evaluation management and to expand the pool of qualified managers in the ILO, EVAL is training officials in evaluation management. The training requires an evaluation management practicum, and when successfully completed, the trainee receives a certificate signed by ILO's Director-General.

Certification for Evaluation Managers has been designed in order to support ILO staff develop competencies that will strengthen their understanding of the relevance of evaluation to project design, management, and broader organizational objectives. Core competencies were identified to provide staff with professional skills to manage evaluations in collaboration with the project management team and with the support and guidance of EVAL staff.

EVAL currently has more than 40 certified evaluation managers who have completed the training and practicum requirements successfully. ILO officials can obtain names of certified evaluation managers by sending an email to eval@ilo.org