Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations Capacity Building Guide

The Women Entrepreneurs’ Association Capacity Building Guide (WEA Capacity Building Guide) is a training package designed to assist Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations in improving and sustaining their associations. The emphasis is on building the capacity of the associations, and on strengthening their ability to serve and advocate for their members.

Instructional material | 30 June 2014
Contact(s): This Guide is available in English. If you wish to obtain more information on the tool please contact your national ILO office or e-mail Joni Simspon, Global Coordinator at simpson@ilo.org
The guide aims to create awareness regarding gender inequalities faced by women entrepreneurs and suggest ways of addressing these challenges through the creation of gender sensitive services in WEAs and Small Business Associations (SBAs). Specifically the guide seeks to:
• Guide women in the formation and managing of a member-based business association.
• Build the administrative, organisational, technical and financial capacities of new and existing associations to enable them to better serve their members.
• Ensure that women entrepreneurs have greater access to representation and voice in their business affairs and in influencing the policies and decisions that affect them.