University of the South Pacific and the ILO pilot Community Based Enterprise Development Programme

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs component of the Community Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) was piloted at the Regional Centre for Continued Community Education (RCCCE) of USP.

News | 01 December 2012
The two days training was delivered to students, who are currently undertaking bridging courses with RCCCE.

The C-BED training program is an innovative ILO-developed tool that enables participants to explore opportunities for business improvement; to learn from each other; and to make plans, take action, introduce innovation, and measure their impact. C-BED is designed to be a low cost, flexible program that leverages existing knowledge within the community. Therefore, C-BED does not require the presence of an external expert, only a literate member from the community is needed to introduce the modules and keep time. The package incorporates hands-on, activity based lessons, maximizing the use of diagrams and pictures so that both literate and illiterate participants are able to learn together. Thus, the C-BED methodology presents a skill development opportunity in challenging environments where lack of or unavailability of teachers and instructors, such as in the Pacific, is common.