Fiji National Employment Creation Policy workshop

In November 2012 the Fiji Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment and the ILO jointly hosted a three day technical training workshop for senior Government officials, employers workers and academia to explore not only the technical aspects of developing National Employment Policies but also to consider the particular challenges and opportunities in Fiji.

News | 27 November 2012
Following the opening and keynote address by the Minister of Labour, Dr Mahendra Reddy presented an overview of key employment trends which provided a detailed analysis of key trends across a range of sectors and issues in Fiji. A high level panel - including guests from the Labour Ministries in PNG and Samoa, the Fiji Ministry of Labour Fiji Employers and Commerce Federation and Fiji Trade Union Congress explored various perspectives on challenges facing Pacific Island Countries.

With the participant, ILO specialists from Geneva and Bangkok explored the key dimensions of national employment policies. This includes attention to labour market information and analysis systems, diagnostic tools, the policy elements of employment policies, the role of macro-economic and sectoral policies, active labour market policies, the role of SMEs, labour standards among a wide range of other cross cutting issues. It is anticipated that this work will continue in 2013.