Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Shrimp and Seafood Processing Areas in Thailand, ILO-IPEC, ILAB December 2010 – December 2014

The International Labor Organization’s International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and the Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) are working together in Thailand to eliminate the worst forms of child labor currently present in the Thai shrimp industry. The project aims to bring about an industry that is child labor free and that offers decent work opportunities to workers, and especially children of legal working age, engaging government, employers’ and workers’ organizations and civil society.

The project will address:

  • The need for effective implementation of policy applying to labor protection, migration, education and social protection;
  • Governance, working conditions and regulation of the shrimp industry supply chain;
  • Gaps in the provision of education and social services for vulnerable Thai and migrant communities in the shrimp and seafood production and processing areas.

And will work through:

  • A systematic approach addressing the nation-wide policy implementation environment;
  • Child labor monitoring systems, working conditions and awareness of child labor in the shrimp industry;
  • Area-based models for education and livelihood service provision for migrant and Thai families.

The project works closely with the Government of Thailand especially with its Ministries of Labour and Agriculture and Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA) and worker’s organizations working in the area of shrimp and seafood processing in Thailand.