ILO Director-General

  1. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder took office on 1 October 2012. Guy Ryder sees the ILO as absolutely central to the questions of the day: jobs, social protection, the fight against poverty, and equality. For this reason, he wants to reinforce the ILO's place at the centre of international decision-making on issues that affect the world of work.

    The Director-General wants the ILO to play a role in difficult global situations – such as economic crisis – and on the national agendas of countries undergoing change, especially where the world of work is at stake.

    To support these goals, Guy Ryder has started a process of internal reform to strengthen the ILO's technical capacity and improve its policy analysis.

If there aren’t jobs, there can be no sustainable economic growth. If the economy can’t grow, it can’t create jobs. That simple logic wasn’t apparent to policy-makers who applied austerity in Europe. It’s not the only element of the economic malaise we face, but it’s the quintessential centre of it all.”

G. Ryder