February 2018

  1. © Leila Alaoui / ILO 2018


    Lebanon: Role play highlights rights and plights of domestic workers

    22 February 2018

    Many people believe that domestic work is not ‘real work’ and that standard working conditions do not apply. An ILO project in Lebanon is successfully changing the attitudes of those who employ domestic workers.

  2. Global Commission on the Future of Work

    ILO Global Commission tackles the changes needed for a fair future of work for everyone

    20 February 2018

    The Global Commission on the Future of Work convened for the second time at ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, 15-17 February.

  3. First employment centre at Jordan Refugee camp

    Job centre for Syrian refugees opens in Jordan camp

    19 February 2018

    The ILO and UNHCR launch the Azraq Centre for Employment to help refugees access work permits and find employment.

  4. World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2018

    The daily reality of working poverty

    14 February 2018

    Millions of people around the world work, but live in poverty. A recent ILO report shows that more needs to be done to reduce inequalities and improve conditions for the working poor, who face a harsh daily reality.

  5. Blog

    Three steps to end discrimination of migrant workers and improve their health

    14 February 2018

    When migrant workers leave their home, many encounter abuse and violence on their journey and discrimination once they arrive. This can be because of their status as migrants but also because of their ethnicity, sex, religion, and HIV status.

  6. © Carsten ten Brink 2018

    Child labour and forced labour

    ILO reports important progress on child labour and forced labour in Uzbek cotton fields

    13 February 2018

    Monitoring team finds strong political will from central government to end fundamental labour rights’ violations during the 2017 cotton harvest: Child labour is no longer an issue, while forced labour is being systematically addressed.

  7. UN Youth Forum

    Young people call for action on decent work, at UN youth forum

    07 February 2018

    The gathering of young people from all parts of the world at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum discussed the need for better investments in youth development.

  8. Forced labour

    Hundreds of Brazilian workers rescued at least twice from slavery in past 15 years

    06 February 2018

    The Digital Observatory of Slave Labour in Brazil, a joint project by the ILO and the Federal Labour Prosecution Office, has issued new data on slave labour in the country.

  9. Shipbuilding and repair

    ILO Meeting of Experts adopts a new Code of Practice to improve safety and health in shipbuilding and ship repair

    06 February 2018

    Some 1.9 million workers around the globe will benefit from a revised code of practice which takes account of dramatic changes in the industry by incorporating a systematic and preventative approach to safety and health management.

  10. International labour standards

    ILO publishes annual report on the application of standards

    06 February 2018

    The Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations, whose work constitutes the cornerstone of the ILO's supervisory system on international labour standards, has just published its annual report.