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April 2013

  1. © Leon Neal / AFP 2014

    Youth employment crisis

    EU-wide youth guarantees: ILO at the ready

    04 April 2013

    The ILO will cooperate with the European Commission in tackling the employment crisis facing young people, including through youth guarantee schemes.

  2. © Adam Jones / Flickr 2014

    Working conditions

    Momentum grows for domestic workers legislation

    02 April 2013

    A constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights for domestic workers in Brazil comes into force on 2 April. Several countries have now passed legislation protecting domestic workers – evidence that the momentum sparked by the ILO Convention on domestic workers is growing.

March 2013

  1. Europe

    Balance between fiscal discipline and growth is needed, says European Parliament President

    22 March 2013

    The head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, highlights common ground with the ILO on the need to move beyond austerity in the crisis response, on the importance of decent work and in the debate on the post-2015 development goals.

February 2013

  1. © UN Photo/Logan Abassi 2014

    World Day for Social Justice

    Ryder: Social justice, the smart solution to economic recovery

    20 February 2013

    On World Day for Social Justice, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, called on governments, employers and workers to tackle rising inequalities and step up the global struggle for social justice.

  2. ILO report

    ILO: Tougher measures needed to curb forced labour

    08 February 2013

    According to an ILO report, the need to deter would-be perpetrators is widely recognized, but more effort is needed to identify cases of forced labour and to prevent the crime.

  3. Global Employment Trends 2013

    Skills mismatches hurt job creation prospects

    04 February 2013

    The crisis has forced millions of workers to seek new jobs but their skills are often not those that employers are seeking, and this skills mismatch is driving up unemployment levels.

January 2013

  1. Official visit

    ILO head in Latin America: More, but also better jobs are needed

    30 January 2013

    Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General, highlighted the need to turn informal employment into decent jobs in the formal sector. He spoke during a Latin America visit that took him to Buenos Aires and Lima.

  2. Davos

    Jobs crisis is far from over, warns ILO chief

    25 January 2013

    Speaking at the World Economic Summit in Davos, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, said that the dire jobs situation shows the crisis is far from over.

  3. Global Employment Trends 2013

    Rise of middle-class jobs in the developing world could spur growth

    23 January 2013

    390 million additional “middle class” workers projected by 2017, but 1.5 billion workers remain either poor or near poor.

  4. Global Employment Trends 2013

    Global unemployment rising again but with significant differences across regions

    22 January 2013

    Five years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, labour markets remain deeply depressed. Unemployment has started to rise again as the economic outlook worsens.

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