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October 2013

  1. Third Global Conference on Child Labour

    ILO chief: World needs to turn plans to end child labour into urgent action

    10 October 2013

    “More than ever our focus must be on action and results as well as process,” says Guy Ryder at the end of the Third Global Conference on Child Labour.

  2. Third Global Conference on Child Labour

    ILO Director-General calls on countries to boost efforts to fight child labour

    08 October 2013

    “We see greater understanding that decent work for adults and youth of working age is a necessity if we are to ensure family incomes that do not rely on child labour – and in turn, that child labour undermines decent work and decent wages for adult workers,” says ILO chief Guy Ryder at the opening ceremony of the Third Global Conference on Child Labour.

September 2013

  1. New report

    ILO says global number of child labourers down by a third since 2000

    23 September 2013

    A new ILO report shows that the fight against child labour is on the right track, but the goal of eliminating its worst forms by 2016 will not be met at the current pace.

August 2013

  1. © S.D. McCourtie / World Bank 2014

    Labour market

    Asia-Pacific on the road to middle-class employment

    30 August 2013

    A recent ILO study shows that despite robust economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, millions of people are still living under or just above the poverty line.

  2. © Pete Saloutos / Image Source 2014

    Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

    Global shipping industry sets sail under new standard

    20 August 2013

    A new “bill of rights” – the ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention – comes into force, ensuring protection for the world’s 1.5 million seafarers and fair competition for shipowners.

July 2013

  1. G20 Labour Ministerial in Moscow

    ILO welcomes G20 efforts to boost job creation and growth

    19 July 2013

    At the end of their two-day meeting, Labour and Employment Ministers from G20 countries presented a series of policy proposals to speed up the economic recovery.

  2. News item

    ILO calls for additional job creation policies in G20 countries

    17 July 2013

    ILO Director-General says that "more can be done" to achieve high employment levels and growth.

  3. © Sajjad Hussain / AFP 2014

    Cooperation against trafficking

    Major new initiative to protect women and girls from modern-day slavery

    15 July 2013

    ILO and DFID team up to combat the trafficking of women and girls in South Asia and the Middle East.

June 2013

  1. © AFP / Pal PILLAI 2014

    New ILO book

    Work sharing can save jobs in times of crisis

    18 June 2013

    Reducing hours of work can have positive effects on employment levels during a severe economic downturn, preserve skills and sustain enterprises.

  2. 102nd International Labour Conference

    African Union calls for more investment to promote jobs in Africa

    17 June 2013

    Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the first woman to head the African Union Commission, urged African Member States and international partners to invest more in order to promote job creation in the region.


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