June 2014

  1. World of work summit

    Developing economies through decent work

    03 June 2014

    Held during the 103rd International Labour Conference, the World of Work Summit brought together governments, employers, workers and civil-society representatives for a discussion on the role of jobs in driving development.
    Participants included Professor Deepak Nayyar from New Dehli's University, Ministers of labour of Luxembourg, Mexico, the Philippines and Tunisia along with the CEO of a pharmaceutical company in Turkey and the head of the ITUC.

  2. © Dilek Mermer / Anadolu Agency 2015

    World Social Protection Report 2014/15

    More than 70 per cent of the world population lacks proper social protection

    03 June 2014

    A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) presents the latest social security trends and finds that most people are without adequate social protection at a time when it is most needed.

May 2014

  1. 103rd International Labour Conference

    Ryder: Migration poses major policy challenges

    28 May 2014

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder calls for fair migration policies and stronger measures against forced labour at the opening of the 103rd session of the International Labour Conference.

  2. © Roberto Schmidt / AFP 2015

    World of Work 2014 report

    ILO: Countries investing in high quality jobs can make economic leaps

    27 May 2014

    The ILO’s flagship report on the world of work shows, for the first time, that quality jobs can drive sustained growth in emerging and developing countries.

  3. Occupied Arab Territories

    ILO: Employment outlook bleak for Palestinians, Gaza a “tinderbox”

    23 May 2014

    The ILO’s annual report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories calls for resumption of negotiations and the lifting of restrictions to improve the situation of Palestinian workers and entrepreneurs.

  4. © Munir Uz Zaman / AFP 2015

    Economics of forced labour

    ILO says forced labour generates annual profits of US$ 150 billion

    20 May 2014

    Report finds illegal gain from forced labour of about 21 million people amounts to three times more than prior estimates.

  5. Labour Migration

    ILO head calls for fair migration agenda

    16 May 2014

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder urges better national and international coordination on migration policy at the Global Forum for Migration and Development in Stockholm

  6. © Wang Zhao / AFP 2015

    Maternity and paternity at work

    Maternity protection makes headway amid vast global gaps

    13 May 2014

    Despite progress in maternity benefits and a trend supporting paternity leave, an ILO report finds most women around the world are still not protected at work.

  7. © Peter Parks / AFP 2015

    Maternity and paternity at work

    Economic crisis lends unexpected support to families in some countries

    13 May 2014

    An ILO report says a surprising side effect of the crisis in some countries was a lift to families, including better benefits for maternity and parental leave.

April 2014

  1. © Khalil Mazraawi / AFP 2015

    ILO Study

    Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan highlights urgency of fundamental job market issues

    30 April 2014

    The adverse labour market effects of Syrian refugees working in Jordan can be averted or reversed with comprehensive measures.