February 2018

  1. Domestic work

    Convention No. 189 on domestic workers ratified by Brazil

    01 February 2018

    Brazil promotes decent work for an estimated 7 million domestic workers.

  2. © Asrian Mirza / ILO 2018

    Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC)

    ILO, UN Women and the OECD launch International Coalition to boost equal pay for women at work in Asia and the Pacific

    01 February 2018

    This strategic, multi-stakeholder partnership will assist UN Member States, in collaboration with employers’ and workers’ and other key stakeholders, in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for equal pay for work of equal value and seeks gender equality and women’s empowerment.​

January 2018

  1. Better Work

    ILO Flagship programme launches strategy to enhance gender equality in the garment industry

    31 January 2018

  2. Press release

    ILO high level mission to Venezuela cancelled

    30 January 2018

  3. Gender equality

    Equal Pay International Coalition launched in Latin America and the Caribbean

    29 January 2018

    A ceremony in Panama marked the regional launch in Latin America and the Caribbean of an international coalition to promote pay equality between women and men. The Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) is led by the ILO, UN Women and the OECD.

  4. © Ingmar Zahorsky 2018

    New report

    ILO, OECD call for tapping immigrants’ contribution to foster economic transformation

    24 January 2018

    New report shows that negative perceptions of immigrants are often unjustified as their impact on labour markets, economic growth and public finance in developing countries is generally positive, although relatively limited.

  5. © Peder Sterll 2018

    World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2018

    ILO: Unemployment and decent work deficits to remain high in 2018

    22 January 2018

    The ILO’s flagship report shows that while the global unemployment rate is stabilizing, unemployment and decent work deficits will stay at persistently high levels in many parts of the world.

  6. Blog

    5 things we learned about the effectiveness of SME training schemes

    17 January 2018

    ILO SCORE Programme is working with public and private training schemes in many countries to identify successful ways to upskilling small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  7. New report

    ILO, OECD Development Centre launch report on immigrants’ contribution to developing countries' economies, 24-25 January 2018, OECD Conference Centre, Paris

    17 January 2018

  8. New publication

    ILO to publish World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2018

    16 January 2018