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And the winners are… Youth employment good practices

The ILO and MTV spotlight good practices on youth employment, showcasing initiatives in the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

News | 21 March 2014
GENEVA – Youth Employment projects in the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Paraguay and the Netherlands share the first prize in a good practice contest and will be featured on MTV.

Putting the spotlight on such initiatives is an important step at a time when the outlook for young people entering the labour market is looking increasingly difficult, with the number of young unemployed at 74.5 million and rising.

“The ILO has warned of a generation at risk facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased discouragement and precariousness. By calling for good practices, we spotlight successful initiatives that help young men and women acquire experience and skills, and access decent work,” said Gianni Rosas, Chief of the Youth Employment Programme at the International Labour Organization (ILO).

A committee of international experts assessed the 103 entries received from 57 countries, and identified those that had proven more effective in supporting young people’s entry in the labour market.

MTV will run three spots featuring the winners of the ILO’s Call for Good Practices. Each of the following winning practices proposed innovative solutions that helped disadvantaged youth boost self-esteem, acquire employable skills and get a foothold in the labour market.

  • In the Netherlands the project 2GetThere engages young coaches to support other young people who are at risk of dropping out of school or exposed to labour market detachment and anti-social behaviour. (To air on MTV on 21 March)

  • 2GetThere
  • In Bangladesh, the project From Margin to Mainstream targets young persons with disabilities. Based on young people’s needs and aspirations, it provides a combination of vocational training and temporary wage subsidies or entrepreneurship training and business start-up funding. (To air on MTV on 11 April)

  • From Margin to Mainstream
  • Paraguay’s project helps young beneficiaries from low-income rural households acquire technical skills and learn innovative business and marketing practices. (To air on MTV on 1 May)

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